Welcome Rainbow Alumni!

If you are involved in a theater/music/ministry type of activity and would like a link to your webpage or blog, please email us with the details so we can include them on this page. We hope this will encourage others when they see what some of our alumni are doing since leaving Rainbow. We know many of you are involved with these types of activities but we would like you to inform us and give permission to add the links to our site. This is also where you will update us with your address/phone/email changes so that we can continue to stay in contact for the next reunion or alumni event.

Rainbow Singers 30th Anniversary Reunion!

HELLO RAINBOWERS! The 30th Anniversary Concert for all current and alumni members will be August 9, 2014 at the Palace Theater. God has blessed us with so many years and wonderful people. Please save the date and watch for more information. If you are a director or pianist, or can help in any way, please let Carol Hoffman know email. Also, if you hope or plan to be there, let Carol know. Carol will chair the event, but will need help with fund-raising, food, program, etc. We are so excited to see ALL the members from the original group to now!


Alumni Memories

"Oh dear, this could be waaaaay too long..." -Ryan J. Ratliff

"WOW... where do I begin? Rainbow played a huge part in my life from age 6 up until I was 22. Performing or directing, I enjoyed every minute of it... learning, growing, fellowship, SINGING! The experience was too great for words. Rainbow will always hold a special place in my heart." -Chelsea Gafkjen

"Rainbow gave me confidence in myself and in the power of life-lasting friendships! THANK YOU RAINBOW!!!" -Toby Lovell

"Rainbow was such a wonderful time in my life and I have so many fond memories. I'm torn between which was my favorite; performing or hanging out with everyone in the group! I had some of my best childhood friendships through Rainbow. Also, it helped me come out of my shell and glean some great performing experience." -Katy Lust Stevens

"Rainbow helped me really dive into using music as a ministry. I ended up majoring in music in hopes to help do this same thing for other people." -Melinda Meginness

"The people I met and the friendships I made meant so much to me. To know that there were peers my age who shared a love for Jesus Christ, and wated to share their faith with others through song, was a very promising and inspiring group to surround myself with (and of course who could forget the shaving cream fights!!!)." -Jennifer Schuler

"Friendships beyond compare made stronger through a love for music." -Bethany Rhoades Grate

"Rainbow was a great experience that created a positive environment for me to express my love for Christ and for music." -State Young

"During my first Rainbow performance, during the final freeze of a song, I felt myself begin to fall backwards. The moment I began to panic, I felt a couple hands on my back, helping me catch my balance. It was that moment that I realized how close-knit the memebers of Rainbow were and how they were always there when I needed them." -Chris Indoe

Alumni Websites

Kirstin Flaglor is a former member of Rainbow Classics, and a former director of Rainbow Express. Her experiences with Rainbow helped land her a position with the African Children's Choir. You can see more about the choir here, or follow Kirstin's adventures with the choir on her blog here.


If you have a change of address, phone number, email, or any other information you would like to share with Rainbow, please contact Carol Hoffman, Coordinator Emeritus via email.