Audition Dates & Times

Summer Auditions for 2016-2017 Rainbow Singers will be held in June at Trinity Baptist Church, 244 S. Main St., Marion.  The final date and time will be posted later,so please keep checking back.  If you are interested in auditioning, please contact Megan Lovell Russell via email at or text her at (740) 272-7534 to schedule an audition time.

Audition Requirements

For audition,we ask that you prepare one song with CD or taped accompaniment or sheet music (we can provide the pianist). There must be some choreography with the song also. You will be asked to sing "Jesus Loves Me"; someone will sing harmony with you – and you must be able to stay on the melody part.

You only have to try out once.  If you have major voice changes or attendance problems you may be asked to try for the next year.

Member Expectations

Members are expected to conduct themselves as Christians at all times. Behavior unbecoming to a Christian reflects on the entire group. We have a prayer time at each rehearsal and pray before each performance with directors and leaders.

As a member, you will be expected to attend practices once a week, on Sunday afternoons from 1:00 - 3:30 p.m. during the months of September, October, November, January, and February (we take the month of December off). Practices are held at Trinity Baptist Church in Marion, Ohio - 224 S. Main Street in the original church building. At the beginning of practice the Secretary collects money, members get their music, and there are a few minutes to hang out with other group members. Finally, practice begins with warm up vocals, prayer time, choreography practice, or learning the music, depending on what is needed that week. During rehearsals, you are expected to be on time, work on singing, and/ or choreography. In order to be prepared for performances you will need to give your COMPLETE attention to your director.  Save visiting for snack time or breaks.

A retreat in the fall, usually a weekend in November. Retreat is mandatory.   Ifyou cannot  attend the retreat, you cannot be in the group. You must stay overnight at the retreat also. It is a work retreat – but we have lots of fun too!! (shaving cream fights, talent shows, lots & lots of food). It is held at Recreation Unlimited in Ashley, Ohio.

We sing about 2-6 times a month and we will book September through June. We usually sing about 3 times a month. We will book 2 Sunday mornings a month, but no more. We try to keep these to a minimum as we don’t want to take youth out of their own churches. We try to sing Sunday evenings or afternoons if possible – it depends on when we are asked. Our own home churches get preference on booking dates. In the last few years we have sung about 15 times a year. As a member, you cannot miss more than 25% of the performances during a season. We are aware that many youth are involved in multiple extracurricular activities. However, we expect to have as much priority as any other activity and thus attendance is important. If you miss more than 25%, you will be on Probation the following year. You cannot miss two in a row, or more than 25% that year, or you will be dismissed. As a professional group, we must demand attendance to performances.

You are responsible for finding your way to performances and rehearsals.

Every other year, we buy new outfits and you are also responsible for buying your outfit. As a member, an account is set up for you to include all expenses. Payments are made for the first three months to cover all expenses for the year. These expenses include:

Directors fees: $30

Retreat fees: about $65

Outfits: about $200 -$250 every other year

Accompanists fees: $30

Choreography fee: $10

Music fee: $10 first year members

Administrative fee: $10

Payments listed here are estimates only.

Total: The most would be about $200-325 depending on the year.

At the end of the year, the final costs are determined. If there is money left over in your account, you will be reimbursed or may carry over the balance to the next year. If there are charges unpaid at that time, you will be issued another bill.

Parents are a vital part of our ministry. Because we are non-profit and we do not hire people besides directors, it is expected that parents will attend and help set up and tear down the stage, help with dressing/make-up, sell CD’s, run the sound system, be part of the band, etc. Also, as a family we expect you to be an active member of a church. Each parent is expected to be on a committee. Those committees function to make the group run. There is one parent meeting at the beginning of the year. At that time, you will sign up for committees.

Being a member of Rainbow Singers is a way to witness to others about your love for Christ that is fun and enjoyable to everyone. Rainbow Singer have been around for more than twenty-five years. This history reflects the drive of the parents and youth to keep a good thing going. Many times, lifetime friendships are created that are based on a strong foundation, made up of Christian faith and love. After performances, many families go out to eat and hang out some more. And many times throughout the year, families will have parties and get-togethers for the entire group. We truly are one big family. If you want to have fun, meet some new people, while also spreading the most important message of all: Jesus is Lord…then come see what we are about!